Ka Wahi ma ko Hawai‘i Pu‘ali Koa a me Koa i Hala

FHM&WP - Our Network

From inception, the intent has been to create a diverse, dynamic, inclusive, and multi-faceted network that goes well beyond the stodgy notion of monthly academic presentations. There are workshops, live demonstrations, and on-site visits. While individuals may favor a particular time frame or field of study, the Forum encourages opportunities to interact with members outside of their usual affiliation and to engage in a kind of scholarly "cross-pollination."

The Forum embraces the three principal eras of Hawai'i's military history:

Kaina Makua - Arna Johnson Photography

    The Classical Era (pre-1810)


HIANG Royal Guard with schellenbaum replica

    The Monarchy and Republic (1810-1900)

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The Modern Era (Territory and State)

Queens Royal Guard circa 1892 Our Mission

The Forum concentrates on the history and legacy of Hawai'i's military personnel, organizations, and institutions, from the Islands' pre-contact warrior roots to the present day.

Our mission is to provide a means to gather, discuss, and learn from one another about topics relating to the function, role, and achievements of Hawai'i's military personnel and organizations throughout history, including various means for conserving and perpetuating Hawai'i's military and warrior past.



Membership in the Forum is limited to individuals, institutions, and organizations that support the objectives of the Forum.

Basic membership is FREE. Please use the Contact Form below to apply for membership.



"Outflanked" Original artwork by Bert Farache
NGH Shooting Medal 1896-1900

Discussion Groups

Contribute to an online discussion group focused on your area of interest


FHM&WP Diamond Head Lake on-site visit Nov 2021

Workshops & Presentations

Attend a topic-specific workshop (online or on-site) led by a subject matter expert

Standing Orders for the King's Guard circa 1885

Library & Archives

Help us develop a searchable library and archives for Hawaiian military history

FHM&WP Inauguaral Conference Nov 2021

Periodic Conference

Participate in an upcoming military history conference as a presenter or volunteer

  Uchatius Field Gun - HIARNG Molokai Armory

Site Tours & Demonstrations

Take part in a "VIP" tour of a historical site or watch an invitation only demonstration

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Financial Support

Consider a financial gift to further our educational outreach


Contact the Forum

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The Forum (FHM&WP) is an organizational alliance of individuals, educators, and participating organizations operating as an educational not-for-profit network and conference.

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