Hawaiian Military History

A Military History of Sovereign Hawai'i
       (Kaladar Books, 2020 Revised Edition)

The Battle of Nu'uanu, 1795
       (Kaladar Books, New 2023 Release)

Until the year 1898 the Hawaiian Islands were a sovereign independent country.

That Hawai'i was once a nation inspired by great warriors is beyond dispute. No visitor can escape the majestic and powerful image of King Kamehameha―the great warrior-chief who united the islands―and whose remarkable exploits still stir the hearts and imaginations of Hawai'i's people.

To the military historian, Hawai'i's relatively rapid transformation from a fiercely proud warrior-dominated society to one ruled by polite diplomacy is enormously intriguing. No less fascinating, is the unified kingdom's valiant attempts to field professional forces in defense of the Hawaiian realm.

Up-and-coming research in the field of Hawai'i's military history will no doubt add to our understanding of the relationship between armed force and independence. My hope is that this book will contribute to that discussion and to a better appreciation for the broader sweep of Hawai'i's remarkable military heritage.

Neil B. Dukas




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